The objectives of the Non-governmental organisation
“Seafarers’ professional development cluster” are:

  • To ensure easier access to resources because of the presence of education institutions (secondary schools and universities) training seafarers, qualified seafarers and employers looking for seafarers;
  • To ensure access to qualified staff in the field of consultancy and crewing and access to licensed tour agencies, providing supporting services to the recruited seafarers during the transfer to their job position;
  • Providing services with direct access to the customers, who need seafarers because of the great concentration of crewing agencies in Varna;
  • To ensure territorial proximity to the basic markets, Bulgarian ship-owners, who need seafarers and international ones, registered in Bulgaria representations of international manning agencies;
  • To attract foreign investment (representations of manning agencies) by the developed port infrastructure;
  • To reduce the costs for the basic activities of the Cluster by providing services between the members of the cluster;
  • To create two new job positions in the administrative body of the cluster.