Policy of the Non-governmental organisation
“Seafarers’ professional development cluster”

The policy of the “Seafarers’ professional development cluster” is a policy for development, promotion and implementation of the European democratic values, the principles of democracy, the rule of law, the good governance and the solidarity.

The goals, which the organisation aims, are: economic growth, social justice, equal access to public services, education, culture and health care; to encourage the social cohesion and the decent work.

The concept to be implemented in the project in the “Seafarers’ professional development cluster” is based on the non-discrimination principle: equal treatment and equal opportunities regardless of the gender, race, religion, age, disabilities, sexual orientation and others.

The mission of the “Seafarers’ professional development cluster” is to connect companies with different business purpose, to improve their competitiveness, to provide services at lower price, to consolidate the efforts of the companies to optimize the production processes and the energy efficiency of the members, to improve the potential for competitive and efficient production and business of its members, to increase the economic effect as a sustainable progress of its members and to improve the business environment where the companies operate.

The aim of the governing and the administrative body of the Cluster is to make efforts to develop the regional economy with the following measures:

  • To create new jobs for the seafarers in improving the competitiveness of the manning agencies, to increase the number of registered manning agencies and of the opening of representations of international manning agencies, to promote the maritime job in the secondary schools and universities;
  • To increase the number of the trained seafarers by participating in cadet programmes;
  • To develop the export profile of the region by presenting trained seafarers to external employers/ ship-owners;
  • To attract foreign investment for opening of representations of manning agencies and others.