About us


The Non-governmental organisation “Seafarers’ professional development cluster” was founded in 2012 as a result of the extended experience of its co-founders in the field of the manning and crewing of seafarers, waterway transport management, providing tourist services, development of software and web solutions and business consultancy.

The cluster aims to provide a complex service, oriented to promote the maritime work and the possibilities for seafarers’ professional development and carrier in Bulgaria; to coordinate and ensure the communication between the private entities and governmental authorities, ship-owners, manning agencies, education institutions, representatives of the business, providing supplementary services and organisations of seafarers which are dedicated to promote the maritime profession; to promote the cluster at national and international level; to attract new members; to support the members of the cluster in their activities; to enlarge the efficiency of the production and the market positioning of the members of the Organisation making use of the advantages of the Cluster; to enlarge the market share of the members of the Organisation; to increase the competitiveness of the members.

The business goals of the organisation are:

  • To enlarge the market share towards the development and the promotion of the maritime work;
  • To improve the quality of the provided services and of the image of the Non-governmental organisation “Seafarers’ professional development cluster”.

The business purpose of the Organisation is as following:

  • To increase the competitiveness of the Bulgarian seafarers on national and international level;
  • To encourage, support and promote the maritime work as a possibility for professional development and carrier in cooperation with all the branches of the maritime industry, the structures of the governmental and local authorities, high schools and universities with maritime profile, maritime scientific institutes, organisations, related to the maritime history and culture;
  • To support the sustainable development of the manning agencies and the supporting activities;
  • To promote the activity of the organisation’s members through organisation of forums, seminaries, publications, etc.







Pokana_conference_10.08.2015_corr_ASh_V_Page_1Here is the log with presentations from Maritime Conference Varna, 2015