15th Asia-Pacific Manning & Training Conference

The Governing Board of Seafarers Professional and Development Cluster took a part in a 15th Asia-Pacific Manning & Training Conference, Manila. Mrs. Maya Evtimova – Chairman of the governing board, Mrs. Maya Alexandrova – member of the governing board and Mrs. Marieta Panova – member of the governing board were in the conference on 26th & 27th November 2014.

 Leaders from major international associations have shared ongoing challenges faced by the industry and the gaps that need to be addressed to achieve continued sustainability in shipping.

  • The growing focus on the Asia Pacific Region and the importance to be engaged in global industry decision-making – Maria Zeneida Angara-Collinson;
  • The process of international policy formulation and the challenge of understanding, interpreting and complying with industry overregulation – Peter Hinchliffeetc.;
  • Administrative burden on seafarers and the need for stronger respect for their rights, balanced with both commercial and compliance requirements -Thomas Timlen;
  • Manning and training challenges; the continued shortage of quality officers and the lack of berths; the need for quality faculty, for alignment between education and industry; the sustainability of training systems across the world; and networked training for seafarers – Tim Wilkins, Capt Pradeep Chawla etc.;
  • STCW – its challenges and the successes; the need for continuing review on interpretations that remain ambiguous – Capt. Constantino L. Arcellana;
  • Crew welfare and increasing the level of productivity on board through well-managed meals, plus the need to achieve a cost efficient supply chain -Capt Harminder Singh;
  • Looking at the glass half full, the progress we have made as a result of industry conventions such as this, and efforts to come together to discuss common concerns – Marion R. Rono;
  • Post – Haiyan rehabilitation of seafarer communities and the vital role of corporate social responsibility in the maritime industry – Dr. Peter Swift and Roger Harris;
  • The efforts of the IMO in encouraging more women into maritime industry and the strides taken by various women’s organization groups in tandem with the public sector in promoting equity in the workplace and seafaring opportunities for women – Carla Limcaoco;
  • Looking back at implementation of MLC; How has industry coped with the MLC? – discussion led by Capt Fared Khan; MLC’s implementation created the harmonization between employers and unions in regard to crew contracts, MLC provisions by the crew on board and on shore – Eric Visser, Bill Lunnetc.;
  • STCW: Are we ready for full implementation of the Manila amendments? – discussion led by Capt Bob Fay;
  • Bridging the perceived gaps between the STCW Code and current practice in the Philippines – Capt. Richard Teo;
  • ILO guidance on maritime occupational safety and health – Natalie Shaw;
  • Sustainability and environmental regulation – What is the true impact on seafarers? – discussion led by Tim Wilkins; Seafarers have adjusted well to the new environmental regulations, however the crew is subjected to additional stress as a result of inadvertent violations, fear of losing one’s job, and the increased possibility of extortion, as a result of additional regulations – Prof Helen Sampson, Rob Shortetc.;
  • Analysing the recent result of studies into seafarer health- discussion led by Connie Gehrt. Results of research into seafarer work, rest and fatigue – Dr. Antonio Roberto M. Abaya MD; Determining predictive factors that will help owners and managers better gauge their crew health needs – Andreas Nordseth;
  • How can insurance complement MLC? – Robert Johnston;
  • Analysing the effectiveness of eLearning in enhancing competency – discussion led by Roger Ringstad; Simulation as a means of enhancing education and training methods; Exploring new innovation in eLearning – Capt. Pradeep Chawla, Adrien Luntao.

Ship Managers & Owners, Manning Agents, Crew Service Providers, Training and Maritime Academies attended Asia-Pacific Manning & Training Conference 2014.

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Participation in the conference was realised with the financial support of Operational Programme “Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy 2007-2013″ scheme BG161PO003-2.4.01 “Supporting the development of clusters in Bulgaria”, financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund.

Source and more information about the event could be found from: http://www.manningandtraining.com